We are a unique trading company packed with adventure and soul. 

We connect you with beautiful and exotic wares from your dream locations, in a fair and responsible way.  

Our rugs, saddle bags and hats are handmade and one of a kind. We source them directly from our artisans and family-run businesses in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Italy and have them delivered to your front door.

We want you to feel connected with your new purchase and know the journey it's taken to get to you. We give you the stories behind your wares and help you understand the community from which they have come.



Young and in love, we took a year off work to travel the world and photograph the people we met along the way. 

We were two TV journalists/producers in search of an adventure.

We went off the map. We explored places like Morocco and Western Sahara; Guinea, Senegal and Ghana. We stood in awe as we watched The Great Migration span across the Serengeti and Maasai Mara whilst on safari. We wandered through Ethiopia's Omo Valley and camped with some of the most unique tribes on the planet. And we rounded up our adventure with a stint in Florence, where we learnt about the beauty and delight artisan-made wares can bring. 

From there, we were hooked... 

We wanted to keep travelling and explore and experience rich cultures.

Over the years, our travels have led us to the Middle East - Syria, Iran, Jordan, Turkey, Qatar and places like Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India, Mexico and Colombia. 

Along with taking photographs and sharing stories, we've picked up unique handmade wares - gold shoes from Damascus, a sitar from Rajasthan and rugs and saddle bags from Mashhad - and in the process, established deep connections with artisans and suppliers in some of the most remote parts of the world. 


We know what it's like to love adventure. To know that you are alive and kicking. To jump on an Indiana Jones-style trip, and follow a dusty path that leads to an indescribable find - like an exquisite rug or handmade hat - and know that your journey is not complete without it.

We also know how good it feels to buy consciously. To act responsibly. That feeling you get when you know you are supporting a local community and that both you and the seller are happy with the deal. 

At Kasbah Trade we responsibly hand-source wares through our local artisans and family-run businesses. We then have your item shipped to your front door.

We value beauty and integrity.


We're currently finalising our Fair Trade collection.

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